IMG_6169Artist, activist, and advocate, Megan Gieske, is a writer and photographer living in Fredon, New Jersey. A recent creative writing graduate from Asbury University, she studied abroad in over twelve countries on scholarship with Semester at Sea. Most recently, she lived in Cape Town, South Africa after winning a travel grant.

Megan’s poetry may be found in numerous journals and anthologies, including, the forthcoming Spectral Lines anthology from Alternating Current Press, the 2017 Austin International Poetry Festival di-verse-ity anthology WINDOW Patient SoundsThe Crossings, Altarwork, Parnassus, Ursa Literary Review, Immersion Journalsand others. She has been shortlisted for the Live Canon first collection contest and a finalist for the 2017 Dan Veach Prize for Younger Poets, and her writing was the recipient of the She Is Noble Award from Aspiration Media that gave $10,000 to feed inner-city kids in Tulsa, Oklahoma.