selected writing


“Taikonauts” (Spectral Lines, an anthology by Alternating Current Press)

“Tara in the Heat” (WINDOW Patient Sounds)
“Poem, Someone’s Last and Someone’s First” (AIPF 2017 anthology)

“Unio Mystica” (Altarwork) (The Crossings Journal)
“Dudhsagar” (Immersion Journals) (The Asbury Review)
“For India, Just Born” (Immersion Journals)
“Feeling Like a Buddhist Monk” (Immersion Journals)
“Isle au Haut” (Ursa Literary Review)
“Don’t Give the Gypsy Moth a Free Ride” (Ursa Literary Review)
“Sharing No Language But Light” (Across the Bluegrass 2015 anthology) (Parnassus) (The Asbury Review)

“The Birthday Flowers” (Parnassus)

Nonprofit Writing:
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